Episode 94 – Kirk Shanahan

Stand to Reason Tactics, Greg Koukl

Episode 93 – Dave Rankin

Book (2012): 39 Years in the Wilderness, an Atheist Walk With God (available on Amazon Kindle)

Episode 92 – Adam Terry

YouTube:  Curious Christianity Twitter: @Curi_christian

Episode 88 – Liam Back

Instagram: @StandingFirm

Episode 88 – Liam Back

  • Various books by Lee Strobel, author
  • On Guard, William Lane Craig
  • I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, Norm Geisler, Frank Turek
  • The Story of Reality, Greg Koukl
  • Tactics, Greg Koukl

Episode 87 – Mark McGee

The Philistines and the Old Testament, Dr. Edward Hindson

Episode 87 – Mark McGee

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  • Faith and Self Defense (Christian Apologetics) -
  • Grace Martial Arts (Christian martial arts) -
  • Real Journalism (Weekly Newsletter for Journalists) -
  • Episode 85 – Christine Mooney-Flynn

    Lee Strobel - The Case for Christ

    Episode 83 – Renee Leonard Kennedy

    • Website:
    • Book: After the Flowers Die - Encouragement for Walking through Life After Loss
    • Podcast: Moral Tea - Spilling the moral tea on culture, taboo topics, and grey areas. A podcast exposing the artificial sweeteners of the world by multi-gen duo Renee Leonard Kennedy and Anna Gray Smith.
    • Moral Tea Podcast Instagram: @moralteapodcast

    Episode 83 – Renee Leonard Kennedy

    Episode 82 – Anna Gray Smith

    How Shall We Then Live, Frances Schaffer