Welcome, I’m Jana.

I cultivate genuine conversations and make space for hard questions about Christianity.

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An affirming word from a friend…
“Jana is one of the most unique and gifted apologists I know. Her delivery is disarmingly gentle and pleasant, but there is intellectual and spiritual dynamite in her message.”


– Dr. Robert B. Stewart, Professor of Philosophy & Theology, NOBTS

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This is a tricky space.

In an era when much of our dialogue is reduced to stereotypes and assumptions, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the noisy opinions and defensive reactions that often characterize conversations about Christianity.

I’ve become convinced that the key to authentic exploration of the Christian faith is learning how to really listen to one another’s stories and intellectual reasoning. I created Side B Stories for this very purpose.

This space allows all to engage with the honest stories of skeptics and atheists, many of whom have become Christians, and explore the reasons why people dismiss or come to believe in God.

More About My Experience
After completing a Masters Degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, I was driven by a passion for using story-driven conversations to better understand what moves people from unbelief to belief. In pursuit of my PhD in Religion and Theology from University of Birmingham, UK, it was this passion that drove my doctoral research on the conversion of atheists to Christianity.

In addition to hosting The Side B Podcast, I have served as Adjunct Professor of Cultural Apologetics at Biola University and am currently a Teaching Fellow for the C.S. Lewis Institute of Atlanta. I also share written publications and speak at apologetics conferences & forums, university student & faculty forums, Christian schools, and churches.

Some of my seminars include:


  • Reaching the Resistant – An Inside Look at Atheist Conversions
  • Former Atheists’ Advice on Engaging Atheists
  • God’s Problem: The Problem of Evil
  • Science vs. God: Friends Not Foes

Settle in for some refreshingly transparent dialogue.

Everyone can benefit from kind, credible conversations.

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So you can examine what you believe.

The stories of those who’ve moved from doubt to faith shed light on questions we all have.

Whether you’re an atheist, a skeptic, or a believer who’s digging deeper, we exist for you.

Side B Stories has more than 300,000 downloads.

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C.S. Lewis - A Profile in Faith

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