Glimpses of God – Renee Leonard Kennedy’s Story

Dec 22, 2023

Side B Stories
Side B Stories
Glimpses of God - Renee Leonard Kennedy's Story

Former atheist Renee Leonard Kennedy left the God of her youth behind for what she thought was a more enticing life. After years of atheism, she was surprised to find both intellectual and spiritual reasons to believe.

Resources by Renee:

  • Website:
  • Book: After the Flowers Die – Encouragement for Walking through Life After Loss
  • Podcast: Moral Tea – Spilling the moral tea on culture, taboo topics, and grey areas. A podcast exposing the artificial sweeteners of the world by multi-gen duo Renee Leonard Kennedy and Anna Gray Smith.
  • Moral Tea Podcast Instagram: @moralteapodcast

Resources mentioned by Renee:

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